Belmont Cemetery

Cemetery Sign


Welcome to the Belmont Cemetery.  It is our intent to make the Belmont Cemetery a beautiful and peaceful final resting place.   Deep down, we all want to know we made a difference in this world and we are important to someone. After we pass on, we want to be fondly remembered by those who knew and cared for us.

Our caring and knowledgeable staff have been providing funeral services to Belmont residents and can guide you through the many details and decisions that need to be made. Put your trust in us to make this experience as comfortable and compassionate as possible. 

In 2018 the Village of Belmont assumed the responsibility of maintenance and management of the Belmont Cemetery.  According to the Wisconsin State Statute 157.112 when a cemetery authority fails to find caregivers for the cemetery for a period of one or more years, the municipality in which the cemetery is located may take control of the cemetery, manage and care for the cemetery and collect and manage all trust funds connected with the cemetery. Due to the lack of volunteers to assist in maintain the cemetery the Belmont Cemetery Association felt it was best to resolve the Association and let the Village of Belmont take possession of the cemetery.  

The Belmont Cemetery is located on the southwest side of Belmont on approximately 9.5 acres. The first recorded burial was in December 1854. This beautiful cemetery is a peaceful resting place for many. The Belmont Cemetery Committee and the Village of Belmont take great pride in this well-kept cemetery.