Bruce Gardiner, of Bruce Gardiner Appraisal Service, LLC, will be visiting all property and business owners within the Village of Belmont in 2024.  In order to comply with WI Stat. §70.05(5)(d) and to get the Village of Belmont’s assessment roll more equitable, it will be necessary for our assessors from Gardiner Appraisal Service LLC, to perform on-site inspections of all residential and business properties.  A "Revaluation" means to place a new value on all taxable property for the purpose of a new assessment.  The intended result of a revaluation is that assessments of all property represent the full taxable value of each property and our Village's total assessment as a whole.

Reasons for a revaluation include: 

• Current assessment does not substantially comply with the law

 • Property assessment inequities may exist within or between property classes 

• Governing body may:

» Need updated records with the physical characteristics of all taxable real and personal property 

» Need an original inventory of all its taxable property 

» Initiate a revaluation because assessment levels do not comply with current law requiring that each major property class is within 10 percent of the state‘s Full Value for the corresponding major class, once in a five year period 

For more information on reassessment and revaluation requirements, review the

WI State Statute Chapter 70.75 Reassessments -

You can email any questions to Bruce Gardiner at: [at]